The Iceman Cometh

Cast & Crew


Cecil Lewis (“The Captain”), a one-time Captain of British infantry
Chuck Morello, day bartender
Chuck Morello, day bartender (Replacement)
Don Parritt
Ed Mosher, Hope’s brother-in-law, one-time circus man
Harry Hope, proprietor of a saloon and rooming house
Hugo Kalmar, one-time editor of Anarchist periodicals
James Cameron (“Jimmy Tomorrow”), one-time Boer War correspondent
Joe Mott, one-time proprietor of a Negro gambling house
Larry Slade, one-time syndicalist – Anarchist
Pat McGloin, one-time Police Lieutenant
Pat McGloin, one-time Police Lieutenant (Replacement)
Piet Wetjoen (“The General”), a one-time leader of a Boer commando
Rocky Pioggi, night bartender
Street Walker – Cora
Street Walker – Margie
Street Walker – Pearl
Theodore Hickman (Hickey), a hardware salesman
Willie Oban, a Harvard Lawe School alumnus




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