For the Love of Mrs Brown

We’ve followed Agnes Brown through many family traumas in the Mrs Brown trilogy of the Last Wedding, Good Mourning Mrs Brown and Mrs Brown Rides Again. Well now it’s time for part four of the trilogy with the brand spanking new FOR THE LOVE OF MRS BROWN. Having discovered the internet, Agnes Brown accidentally sets up a date with a man she only knows as HairyHarry25. Despite some of her family’s protests, Agnes is determined to see her date through. We follow Agnes as she prepares for her ‘big date’. Her preparations include learning all over again how to date a man – but this time in the 21st century, where men expect rather more from a first date than they did in her day.

So with the help of Winnie, Cathy, Maria and Betty, and despite the objections of the boys in the family, Agnes gets ready for her Valentine’s night date. This includes a radical diet, sex lessons, dressing for the occasion and self defence.

Is it a case of ‘Love is in the air’, or will Hairy Harry be sent flying? You can find out by joining us for the UK premiere of Brendan O’Carroll’s hilarious new comedy play, FOR THE LOVE OF MRS BROWN.

Cast & Crew

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