Judas Cradle Film

Directors Lisa Cazzato Vieyra / Manuel Vason Feat Ron Athey & Juliana Snapper

0870 730 1234


Plus aftershow discussion with Lisa Cazzato-Vieryra

Performed as part of Fierce 2005, Ron Athey and Juliana Snapper’s ‘The Judas Cradle’ is undoubtedly one of the most provocative pieces of live art ever staged. Lisa Cazzato-Vieyra’s documentary takes us behind the scenes of this work which infamously saw Athey straddling the medieval torture instrument of the title, examining the influences the duo brought to their operatic treatise on crime and punishment. Yet the film does more than merely expose the mechanics at work, for as controversy continues to rage over the ethics of state-sanctioned interrogation techniques so ‘The Judas Cradle’ still raises uncom fortable questions about collective guilt.

Part of [Fierce Festival](http://www.myfiercefestival.co.uk)

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