Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Harry couldn’t have timed his discovery better, as five years old is EXACTLY the right age to discover dinosaurs!

It happened two days ago, in the attic with Gran. It was a moment that Harry would remember for the rest of his life. Harry shone his torch inside a dusty old box, that must have lain untouched for millions of years, and there staring back at him were his six new best friends. Six toy dinosaurs!

This brand new show takes us into the imagination of five-year-old Harry, whose toy dinosaurs are as real to him as the bucket he carries them in. By jumping into his bucket, Harry transports himself and all the boys and girls into Dino World, where his six dinosaur toys become full-sized dino playmates, ready for all sorts of funny and exciting adventures.

Based on the bestselling children’s book and top rated television show Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is the adventure of a life time for 3–8 year olds…Jump Harry!

**Colouring Sheet!** The [Alex has a picture of Harry to print out](http://www.alexandratheatre.org.uk/prod-productions_details.asp?pid=113&venueid=87) and colour in.


Cast & Crew

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