WNO – Alexander Nevsky/Carbon 12 – A Choral Symphony

**Alexander Nevsky – Prokofiev**

Prokofiev’s dazzling orchestral and vocal score was originally created as the score for the wildly popular 1938 film by Eisenstein, which plots the true story of 13th century Russia – overrun by foreign invaders – through one character, Alexander Nevsky, Grand Prince of Novgorod.

From recovery from Mongolian invaders and songs of heroism, to marauding armies of Teutonic knights, this astounding work, brimming with proud patriotism, culminates with a climactic, triumphant battle.

**Carbon 12 – A Choral Symphony**

Composed by Errollyn Wallen
Text by John Binias

A celebration in music and song of South Wales’ unique history, its landscape and its people. Carbon 12 – A Choral Symphony celebrates the creation of South Wales and the valleys – from their physical formation 300 millions years ago to the region’s centrality in industry internationally 100 years ago – few places in the world have seen such radical transformation and turmoil. Working with the traditions of music and song, engendered by this unique landscape and history, composer Errollyn Wallen (winner of the British Composers/ BBC Radio 3 Listeners’ Award 2005) brings mass choirs, brass bands, and the Chorus and Orchestra of Welsh National Opera together to create an unforgettable musical re-telling of South Wales’ history.

Conductor : Carlo Rizzi

Cast & Crew

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