Cast & Crew


Bertrand de Poulengy etc
Charles the Dauphin
Court lady etc
Court lady etc
Court lady, peasant etc
D’Arcy etc
Duc d’Alencon
Duc de la Tremouille
Isobel Romee/Duchess de la Tremouille
Jacquemin d’Arc etc
Jacques d’Arc/Endicott
Jean d’Arc etc
Jean de Metz etc
Jeanne d’Arc
La Hire/d’Estivet
Officer, monk etc
Pierre Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais
Pierre d’Arc etc
Priest etc
Raoul de Gaucourt etc
Robert de Beaudricourt etc
Seymour etc
St. Catherine
St. Margaret
St. Michael
The Archbishop of Rheims


Assistant Carpenter
Assistant Carpenter
Assistant Musical Director
Assistant Musical Director/keyboards
Assistant props
Assistant props
Assistant Scenic Artist
Assistant Scenic Artist
Associate Producer
Company Stage Manager
Costume Coordinator
Deputy Master Carpenter
Deputy Wardrobe Mistress
Head Scenic Artist
Lighting Designer
Master Carpenter
Musical Arranger
Musical Director
Musician – bass
Musician – guitar
Musician – keyboards
Musician – piano
Musician- drums
Property Master
Sound Designer
Sound Engineer
Student ASM
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Mistress


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