Ten Little Indians

Cast & Crew

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  1. On 14th April 2021 at 9:47 a.m., Davison77 noted:

    Torbay Express
    The plot of Agatha Christie’s famous best seller “Ten Little Niggers ” is known to most book readers, theatre-goers and film fans, but the public welcome the story whenever it reappears and in whatever medium. The play is being presented at Palace-avenue Theatre, Paignton, this week by the Unicorn Players and last night it was given an enthusiastic reception. Like many of Miss Christie’s earlier murder-mysteries it is set in a large house miles from anywhere—in this case on an island off the Devon coast. There is the inevitable meeting of strangely assorted individuals followed by I murder, followed by another murder and so on until the number of “10 little house guests” is drastically reduced. James Irwin creates an excellent impression as a wealthy debonair young man determined to enjoy himself as the guest of the mysterious Mr. U. N. Owen (later referred to as the Mr. Unknown). He is comparatively calm when he hears that, along with the other guests, he is suspected of murder and going to be punished, but a few minutes later he chokes himself, and then there are nine. Guy Graham gives a first-class performance as the much respected judge who is also lured to the island and Neil Phelps makes a competent job of playing the gallant army captain who spends half his time trying to solve the mysterious murders and the other half making love to one of the house party. After five or six murders the number of suspects available to choose from is somewhat limited but those members of the audience not in “the know” are still guessing wildly until the last few minutes of the play. Others taking part were: Gerry Vale, Elisabeth Noctor, Astrid Andersen, Cordelia Crawshaw, Anthony Benson, Howard Lamb, Sybil Ewbank and James Mooney.

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