House of Pain

By arrangement with Nobody’s Perfect productions

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Play description

“‘House of Pain’ tells the story of Frank Turner and his failing hairdressers shop in Farnworth in the north of England. ‘Times is hard, and hard times calls for desperate measures!!!’

”Frank decides to shut up shop and reopen as the ‘House of Pain’ a lifestyle and spa experience where your every piercing and tattooing needs can be taken care of, oh, and they will do you a nice perm on the side! Join Sean the gay piercing specialist who lives on ‘Planet Ibiza’ and whose few remaining brain cells are locked into his life on the clubbing scene, Mrs Violet Spatchcock, the long suffering cleaner who has ‘Bricketts’ bleach coursing through her veins and Brenda, whose affections have only one direction, that of the shop owner, Frank Turner!

“Hilarious and wonderfully nostalgic, ‘House of Pain’ will be a treat for the senses as it whisks you off to a place where life really can be that good!”
(Taken from publicity leaflet)


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