“We did a popular comedy called [THERE’S] A GIRL IN MY SOUP in the main house and Heathcote Williams’ AC/DC in the studio – probably the most bizarre play ever written, and Ken Campbell was in the cast! Both sold out and the whole theatre was heaving. It was a memorable three weeks.” – Antony Tuckey, quoted in LIVERPOOL PLAYHOUSE: A THEATRE AND ITS CITY, 2011

“Heathcote Williams’s AC/DC is certainly most unusual and in its own way a poetic and powerful play … But the play, for me, seemed to lose itself towards the end, getting a bit too obscure and seeking for some significance which did not quite come across. Nevertheless, while it was going good it was one hell of a night in the theatre.” – Stanley Reynolds, ‘AC/DC at the Liverpool Playhouse’, The Guardian 20th February 1973

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