Guys and Dolls

Cast & Crew


Agatha; Maisy Mitz
Angie the Ox; Voice of Joey Biltmore
Arvide Abernathy
Benny Southstreet
Big Jule
Brandy Bottle Bates
Calvin; Regret
Dolores Dark
Dorn Astra; Martha
Florentine Fayette
General Cartwright
Gigolo Georgie
Harry the Horse
Hot Horse Hebie
Joey Perhaps; Waiter in the Hot Box
Lieutenant Brannigan
Liverlips Louis
Mimi Shultz
Miss Adelaide
Miss Adelaide
Nartha; Lola Ledare; U/S Miss Adelaide
Nathan Detroit
Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Rusty Charley
Scranton Slim
Sky Masterson
Sky Rocket
Society Max; Master of Ceremonies
T/O Arvide Abernathy
T/O Benny Southstreet
T/O Brandy Bottle Bates
T/O Calvin
T/O Florentine Fayette
T/O General Cartwright
T/O Harry the Horse
T/O Hot Horse Herbie
T/O Hotbox Girl
T/O Joey Perhaps
T/O Liverlips Louis
T/O Lola Ledare
T/O Miss Adelaide
T/O Nathan Detroit
T/O Rusty Charley
T/O Scranton Slim
T/O Sky Masterson
T/O Sky Rocket
T/O Waiter in the Hot Box


Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Design Assistant
Lighting Designer
Musical Staging
Staff Director
Wig/Makeup Master Olivier Theatre
Dance Captain , Assistant to David Toguri

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  1. On 25th October 2011 at 2:33 p.m., Richard Mangan noted:

    Revival of the 1982 production

  2. On 20th April 2019 at 1:03 p.m., Peewee noted:

    It would seems some of the main characters are missing from this list.
    The original 1982 cast was Julia McKenzie( Miss Adelaide) , Bob Hoskins (Nathan Detroit later played by Trevor Peacock) ). Jim Carter (Big Jule later played by Olivier Pierre) Julie Covington (Sarah Brown ) Ian Charleson ( Sky Masterson) John Normington (Arvide Abernathy)

  3. On 27th April 2019 at 1:33 p.m., matthew noted:

    That production is at and contains all that cast; this is the 1984 revival.

  4. On 17th June 2021 at 10:14 p.m., Peewee noted:

    The above cast list is a mish mash of the 1982 original and TO and 1984 revival ..And so it is a bit mis leading ..

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