10–09–1953 – Cornish Guardian

Cast & Crew




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Play description

Also known as EMERGENCY EXIT, the play is constructed around six characters:

• Professor Richard Wilson DSc FRS – botanist and biochemist
• Enrys Garron – estate agent’s assistant
• Inspector Bloot – of the County Constabulary
• Iris Wilson (formerly Tranling) – wife of Richard Wilson
• Frances Tranling – younger sister of Iris
• Beatrice Tranling – actress sister of Iris and Frances

The plot centres on Frances Tranling, a ‘delicate’ young woman who, on the edge of insanity, is a source of endless worry to her sister (Iris Wilson) and brother-in-law (the Professor). Her ultimate fate is decided when she makes a maniacal attempt to fight a man she wrongly trusted (Enrys Garron) and is threatened with being incarcerated. She attempts suicide three times, only to be rescued each time by her sister. However, driven to despair, the sister finally turns mercy killer.

ACT 1:
Scene 1 – A morning in April.
Scene 2 – After lunch the same day.

ACT 2:
Scene 1 – Late in August 6pm.
Scene 2 – A moment later.
Scene 3 – Fine minutes later.

ACT 3:
Scene 1 – An hour later.
Scene 2 – A moment later.
Scene 4 – Next morning 11am.
Scene 5 – That night 12.30am.


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