Entertaining Strangers

Cast & Crew


Ann Besant; Martha Lock
Capt. William Henning; William Bartlett; Mr Macarte
Charles as a child; Albert Sibley
Charles as a child; Albert Sibley
Charles as a child; George as a child
Charles as a child; George as a child
Charles Eldridge; John Floyer
Charles; Mr Turnley
Christian; Ann Henning; T/O Sarah Eldridge
Ellen Wright; Florence Chaffley; Sarah Holland
Emily; Jane Sibley
George Loder; John Lock; Sergeant
George; Thomas Patch; Warder
Handley; Edward Fudge; Jimmy
Hannah; Florence Chaffley as a child
Henry Frampton; Alfred Mason; William Fudge; Benjamin Voss
Henry Moule
James Brooks; John Galpin
John James Besant; Lieutenant Vandeleur; George Andrews
John Tizard; Capt. Augustus Handley; Mr Hengler
Laura as a child; Louisa Lock
Laura as a child; Louisa Lock
Mary Frampton; Jane Whiting
Mary Moule
Robert Williams; Dr Christopher Arden; Natty Seale
Sarah Albinia; Martha Whiting
Sarah Eldridge
Sophie; Lizzie Sibley
T/O Ann Henning
T/O Charles Eldridge; John Floyer
T/O Christian


Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Fanny Lock
Lighting Designer
Staff Director

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