Cast & Crew


A Flapper, a Means Test Inspector etc.
A Flapper, Countess etc.
A Flapper, Salvation Army lass etc.
A Marquis, Maxton’s Lad etc.
A Stenographer, Sister Anna etc.
Algy, Phelps of the Treasury etc.
Arthur Henderson and a Policeman
Harry the Militant, Barney of the Bank
Jack, Jimmy Maxton, Rothschild etc.
Jimmy Thomas and a Fruit Porter
Lavinia a Deb, a Poor Wife etc.
n Banker etc.
Nigel, Montague Norman etc.
Philip Snowden and the Heir Apparent
Ramsay Macdonald of the Baritone R
Returning Officer, Swithin etc.
The Duchess of Sutherland, a Chairwoman etc.


Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Bass Guitar
Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting and Sound
Master Carpenter
Musical Director
Production Manager
Property Master
Stage Manager
Wardrobe Supervisor


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