The Permanent Way

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

“In 1991 before an election they did not expect to win, the Conservative Government made a fateful decision to privatise the railways. In The Permanent Way ‘our greatest living political playwright’ [New Statesman] gathers together the first hand accounts of those most intimately involved, highlighting in particular the elevation of profit above safety that led to a succession of disasters. Funny, tragic and compelling, the play offers an extraordinary parable of British mismanagement that raises questions about the recent history of our country.”
(Taken from CrescentScene issue 9)

Cast & Crew


Campaigning Solicitor/Widow
High-Powered Treasury ThinkerManaging Director of Railtrack
Investment Banker/Dawn/Second Bereaved Mother
John Prescott/Leading Entrepreneur/Rail Union Leader/Technical Director/Squadron Leader
Senior Civil Servant/British Transport Policeman/Senior Operating Executive
Senior Rail Executive/Young Man in Denim/Rector of Hatfield
Survivors’ Group Founder
Very Experienced Rail Engineer/Bereaved Father/Scottish Literary Editor
Wendy/Sally/Bereaved Mother



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