Received its world premiere 25–29 October at the Theatre Royal Brighton before performances at the Aldwych Theatre.

Cast & Crew


Charles Dyer
Harry Leeds


Light Designer

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  1. On 4th November 2010 at 2:51 a.m., LIZ noted:

    How fortunate was I to be amongst the small gathering involved in this production. I am still breathless at the thought of working with the world’s finest….Paul Scofield! What talent, what a gentleman and how much I LOVED this man. every performance we would dance around the stage, before I tucked him under a blanket and folded in his pajama collar, before starting the second act. Oh! Mr Magee you were a naughty favorite of mine. I had the pleasure of working a couple of shows with you…I adored you. This production was THE BEST for Lowly Assistant Stage Manager, Liz Freeland.

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