Carrington, V.C.

Cast & Crew


Bombardier Owen, Royal Artilery
Brigadier A. S. Meadmore, O.B.E.
Capt. A. Graham, W.R.A.C.
Capt. F. T. Foljambe, The Buffs
Cooke, a reporter
Evans, a reporter
Lt-Colonel B. R. Reeve, Royal Artilery
Lt-Colonel M. O. Henniker, O.B.E., Royal Artilery
Lt-Colonel T. B. Huxford, M.B.E., Royal Tank Regiment
Major A. T. M. Broke-Smith, 11th Hussars
Major C. O. P. (Copper) Carrington, V.C., D.S.O., Royal Artilery
Major H. Maunsell, Army Legal Services
Major J. P. Mitchell, M.C., Royal Artilery
Major J. P. Mitchell, M.C., Royal Artilery (replacement)
Major R. E. Panton, Parachute Regiment
Mr A. Tester Terry, Judge Advocate
Sergeant Crane, Royal Artilery
Valerie Carrington




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