Copenhagen explores the complex relationship between the two of of the greatest atomic scientists the world has seen: Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. Their lives embraced the Second World War, with Heisenberg working on the German atomic project, while his mentor, Niels Bohr, his wife Margrethe and their family lived in occupied Denmark.

In 1941, Heisenberg visited the Bohrs in Copenhagen. His visit – like his work in Germany during the war – is surrounded by mystery and controversy. It was to be the end of their great friendship.

In Michael Frayn’s pacy, thoughtful and inquisitive play, Heisenberg, Bohr and Margrethe, relive their lives, trying to make sense of the contradictions and conflict.

Cast & Crew


Margrethe Bohr
Nils Bohr
Werner Heisenberg


Assistant Director
Production Manager


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