Music in the Air

Cast & Crew


Anna (Frieda’s Maid)
Assistant Stage Manager
Baum (the Lawyer)
Bruno Mahler (the Playwright)
Cornelius (a Bird Breeder)
Dr. Walther Lessing (the Music Teacher)
Ernst Weber (the Music Publisher)
Father Joch (the Priest)
Frau Direktor Kirschner
Frau Pflugfelder
Frieda Hatzfeld (the Star)
Hans ( the Goatherd)
Heinrich (the Postman)
Herman (a little boy)
Herr Direktor Kirschner
Hulde (a Bubble Dancer)
Karl Reder (the Schoolmaster)
Marthe (Secretary to Ernst)
Pflugfelder (the Hotel Proprietor)
Sieglinde Lessing (Walther’s Daughter)
Sophie (Sieglinde’s Dresser)
The Bear
The Bear Trainer
Tila (a little girl)
Uppmann (the Musical Director)
Waiter (at Zoo)
Widow Schriemann
Zoo Attendant


Ernest Woods
General Manager
General Stage Director
Stage Director


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