Epsom Downs

Cast & Crew


Bobby; Jocks; Bunny girl; Jubilee chicken; vendor; Lunatic 6
Charles Pearce; Mack; Jubilee Drunk; Morry Burrows; Horse in Derby; Bookmaker 1; Lunatic 4
Margaret; Minty; Jubilee drunk; Detective; Sweet-voiced woman
Police Horse; Hugh; Mr Tillotson; Jubilee drunk; Button man; Policeman; Jockey; Lunatic 1
Primrose; Ghost of Emily Davison; Dorothy; Cynthia Backshaker
Sandy; Kermit Frog Trader; Jubilee drunk; the Aga-Khan; Les Backshaker; Harsh-voiced man; Beer tent drunk
Sawbones; Lord Rack; Bud; Jubilee drunk; Roger Coyle; Stable lad; Bookmaker 2; Lunatic 2
Sharon; Miss Motrom; Jubilee drunk; Smooth-voiced woman; Lunatic 3
Superintendent Blue; Man down on his luck; Grandpa; Louis; Beer tent drunk; Svelte-Voiced Man; Lunatic 5




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