Act Without Words

This production of Act Without Words by Samuel Beckett was staged in the Vanbrugh Theatre for public performances linked as a double bill to a technical performance by the students and staff of RADA entitled Techs without Text which started the double bill evening with demonstrations of Lighting Design, Sound Design, Properties making and use, the set designed by Jonathan Polkest , Constructed by Mark Harrod was assembled at the close of Techs Without Techs and during the interval

Cast & Crew




Lighting Designer
Set and Costume Designer
Sound Design
Sound Design
  (credited as Colin M Brown)
Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Deputy Head of Props
Head of Costume
Head of Props
Production Manager /MC


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  1. On 2nd November 2013 at 5:19 p.m., pagettypow noted:

    This production was essentially part of a double bill in which students and staff at the academy engaged the audience in a preamble consisting of demonstrations and explanations of technical theatre including Lighting Design, Sound Design, Costume design and costume making/buying, properties making, buying, adapting, scenic techniques with Caroline Dolton – all explained and guided by Stephen Rebbeck.
    This culminated in the set being erected in preparation for the production of Act Without Words in the second half of the evening/Matinee.

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