The Cabinet Minister

Cast & Crew


Angele / Miss Munkittrick
Brooke Twombley
Dowager Countess of Drumdurris
Egidia, Countess of Drumdurris
Hon Mrs Gaylustre
Imogen Twombley
Joseph Lebanon
Keith, Earl of Drumdurris
Lady Euphemia Vibart
Lady Kitty Twombley
Lady Macphail
Mr Melton
Probyn / The Munkittrick
Rt Hon Sir Julian Twombley GCMG MP
Sir Colin Macphail of Ballocheevin
Valentine White


Assistant Stage Manager
Costume Design


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  1. On 21st February 2017 at 12:00 a.m., Simontrewin noted:

    I was assistant stage manager on this show and also operated sound cues from the wings. One of the more complex sequences involved my synching Derek Nimmo blowing into a flute with a sound cue of Greensleaves played through a concealed speaker in a footstool he was sitting on. On a matinee in London I miscued the Sound and unwittingly jumped over the Greensleaves track so that when Nimmo blew into his little flute instead of the pastoral tones of Greensleaves the audience were treated to the massed dragoons of the Black Watch Pipers beating the retreat. The audience roared with laughter and Nimmo looked inside the flute and then looked puzzled and then looked in the other end and raised an eyebrow or two. The audience were crying with laughter and in the wings I was also crying. In a different way. I was summoned to his dressing room and given a massive bollocking afterwards – not helped probably by my saying, as I went in to see him, ‘no need to thank me for giving you the biggest laugh of the evening – it is all part of the service’.

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