The Visit

Theatre de Complicite

Cast & Crew


Alfred Schill
Blind Man
Carl Schill
Clara Zachanassian
Clara’s Butler; Inspector Schultz; Reporter
Clara’s Husbands VIII-IX; Blind Man; Doctor Nussel; Bailiff; Helmsberger
Mathilde; Painter
Mayor; Reporter
Miss Muller
Priest; Guard; Hofbauer


Adapted by
Assistant Director (National Prodcution)
Assistant Director (Original production)
Assistant Producer
Assistant Stage Manager (NT)
Assistant to the Lighting Designer (NT)
Costume Supervisor (NT)
Deputy Stage Manager (NT)
Design Assistant (NT)
Design realised by
Financial/Production Manager
Lighting Designer
Music Adviser
Music arranged by
Production Manager (NT)
Sound (NT)
Sound (NT)
Stage Manager (NT)

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Play description

A wealthy old woman returns to her, now poor, home village with an offer of riches for the village. For a price.


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