The Wars of the Roses

Shakespeare’s History Cycle

Cast & Crew


2nd Gardener/Keeper/Francis/Falstaff’s Page/Boy/John Talbot/Keeper/Edward,Prince of Wales/Ghost of Edward/Dorset
3rd Gardener/York’s Servant/Coleville/Grey/Sir John Stanley/Berkeley
Aumerle/Worcester/Silence/Mountjoy/Edward IV
Berkeley/Exton’s Servant/1st Gardener/Thomas of Clarence/Edmund Mortimer/1st Drawer/Snare/Bates/Edmund of Rutland/Smith/Son/2nd Watchman/Ratcliffe/2nd Citizen
Bishop of Carlisle/Lord Chief Justice/Archbishop of Canterbury/Constable of France/Reignier of Anjou/Hereford/Lord Mayor/Tressell
Bolingbroke/Henry IV/Macmorris/Warwick/Stanley
Bushy/Owen Glendower/Morton/Fluellen/Somerset/1st Keeper/Catesby
Duchess of Gloucester/Mistress Quickly/Hostess/Queen Isabel/Margaret of Anjou
Duchess of York/Lady Percy/Alice/Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester/ Elizabeth
Duke of York/Bardolph/Sir Thomas Erpingham/Humphrey,Duke of Gloucester/Brackenbury/Clerk of Chatham/Blunt
Exeter/Salisbury/Vintner/Clifford/Lewis XI/Bishop of Ely
Exton’s Servant/Travers/2nd Drawer/Shadow/Court/
Greene/Blunt/Mowbray/Bullcalf/Gower/Lord Talbot/Oxford/1st Murderer
Hotspur/1st Herald/Harcourt/Dauphin Lewis/Dauphin Charles/Richard of Gloucester
John of Gaunt/Groom/Sir Michael/Chamberlain/Shallow/Charles VI/Winchester/Lord Say/1st Watchman/Canterbury/3rd Citizen
Lady Northumberland/Duchess of York
Lady/Lady Mortimer/Maid/Mrs Simpcox/Lady Bona
Mowbray/Sir Piers of Exton/Lord Hastings/Mouldy/Lord Scroop/Burgundy/Roger Bolingbroke/Dick the Butcher/Tyrrel
Northumberland/4th Traveller/Davy/Bishop of Ely/Williams/Governor of Harfleur/Lawyer/Simpcox/Lord Hastings/Alexander Iden/Father
Prince John of Lancaster (H5)/Bassett/Michael
Queen Isabel/Doll Tearsheet/Princess Katherine/Joan la Pucelle/Margery Jourdain/Lady Anne
Richard II/Prince Hal/Henry V/Edmund Mortimer,Earl of March/Jack Cade/Buckingham
Ross/2nd Carrier/John of Lancaster/Wart/Nym/Bedford/Sir John Hume/George of Clarence
Scroop/2nd Herald/1st Traveller/Feeble/Canbridge//Orleans/Sir Humphrey Stafford/Sir William Lucy/Rivers/Tutor/2nd Keeper/
Welsh Captain/Sir John Falstaff/Chorus/Richard, Duke of York/Prologue/2nd Murderer
Westmoreland/1st Carrier/3rd Drawer/Fang/Jamy/Alencon/John Southwell/Norfolk/William Stafford/Grey
Willoughby/Humphrey/Poins/Monsieur le Fer/Vernon/Young Clifford/Richmond


Acting ASM
Acting ASM
Additional Design by
Assistant Costume Designer
Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Assistant Electrician
Chief Electrician
Chief Sound Technician and Sound Design
Company Manager
Composer and Musical Director
Deputy Wardrobe Supervisor
Fight Director
Fight Captain
Prop Supervisor
Stage Manager
Technical Touring Manager
Voice Coach
Wardrobe Supervisor
Wig Master/Wardrobe Assistant


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