Not Now Darling

Cast & Crew


Arnold Crouch
Commander Frencham
Gilbert Bodley
Harry McMichael
Janie McMichael
Maude Bodley
Miss Tipdale
Miss Whittington
Mr Lawson
Mrs Frencham
Sue Lawson



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  1. On 18th February 2014 at 6:58 p.m., Mansel noted:

    The original casting for ‘Arnold Crouch’ was Terry Scott (opposite June Whitfield,of course), but at the end of the first week of rehearsal he was rushed into hospital for an emergency brain operation, from which he later recovered. This led to the last-minute replacement of Andrew Sachs, who was busy promoting a ‘Manuel’ Record at the time, and joined the Cast for the third (and final) week of rehearsal, before opening direct at the Savoy Theatre. Understudy, Mansel David, rehearsed with the Cast for the whole of the second week of the three-week rehearsal period, which paid dividends later when he had to play some performances the following February, after Andrew Sachs succumbed to the inevitable exhaustion of the busy schedule brought about by the circumstances.

  2. On 19th June 2019 at 4:28 p.m., Rexy100 noted:

    As an eleven year old at Howarth Cross Middle School, Lancashire, we were booked to see Robert Lindsay in The Cherry Orchard, but the show, or his appearance was cancelled. Instead we were taken to see this production. I recall a single set depicting an apartment and balcony to the rear of the stage, a fur coat, no knickers and typical farce like performing. If I only knew of the tremendous actors performing that evening. Quite a cast, though possibly lost upon me and my working class, literally great unwashed, classmates.

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