The Queen Of Spades

Opera in three acts

Cast & Crew


Chloe 5th and 8th July
Chloe 6th and 9th July
Count Tomsky 5th and 8th July
Count Tomsky 6th and 9th July
Countess 5th and 8th July
Countess 6th and 9th July
Daphnis 5th and 8th July
Daphnis 6th and 9th July
Herman 5th and 8th July
Herman 6th and 9th July
Lisa 5th and 8th July
Lisa 6th and 9th July
Masha 5th and 8th July
Masha 6th and 9th July
Master of Ceremonies
Pauline 5th and 8th July
Pauline 6th and 9th July
Plutus 5th and 8th July
Plutus 6th and 9th July
Prince Yeletsky 5th and 8th July
Prince Yeletsky 6th and 9th July
Surin 5th and 8th July
Surin 6th and 9th July
Tchekalinsky 5th and 8th July
Tchekalinsky 6th and 9th July


Assistant Conductor
Assistant Producer
board operator
Costume Designer
Dance Co-ordinator
Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting Designer
Orchestral Manager
Orchestral Stage Manager
Production Manager
stage crew
stage crew
stage crew
Stage Manager
Wardrobe Mistress
Wardrobe Mistress
Wardrobe Supervisor
wigs and make-up


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