The Young Visiters

Cast & Crew


A Lawful Judge
Archbishop of Slanicia
Daisy Ashford
Earl of Clincham
Maud / Rosie Topp
Minnit / Procurio
Miss Ethel Monticue
Mr Ashford / Mr Alfred Salteena
Mr Bernard Clark
Mrs Ashford / His [Judge’s] Lawful Wife
Nancy / Bessie Topp
Prince of Wales
The Children / An Urchin
The Children / Miss de Lisle
The Children / Miss de Montfort
The Children / Miss Delaney
The Domestiks / Laird of Loch Ness
The Domestiks / Mr Prime Minister
The Domestiks / The Indian Potential
The Governess / Another Royal
The Major Domo
The Noble Lady X
The Noble Lady Y
Daisy Ashford (replacement)
  (started 23rd December 1968)
The Children / Miss de Crecy
  (started 23rd December 1968)


Based on the novel by
Book and Lyrics
Composer / Orchestrations
Musical Director / Orchestrations
Musical Staging / Choreography
Press Representative
Associate Musical Director
Ballet Master
Company and Stage Manager
Production Consultant
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Wardrobe Mistress


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