Jack The Ripper

Cast & Crew


Annie Chapman
Bluenose Stack
Catherine Eddowes
Daniel Mendoza
Dinky Nine-Eighty
Janie Knights (chorus)
Janie Scott
Lizzie Stride
Lord Overcoat
Louis Milsome
Marie Kelly
Martha Tabrum
Mary Briggs
Montague Druitt
Police Sergeant Coles
Policeman 1/Philip Rayne
Policeman 2/Jonathan Eddison
Policeman 3/Charlie Small
Polly Ann Nicholls/Julie Porter
Slop Wallace
Susie Garrett


Bar Manager
Costume design and co-ordination
Costume design and co-ordination
Costume design and co-ordination
Director & Producer
Front-of-House Management
Lighting design and operation
Musical Director
Poster & Programme Design
Sound Design
Sound Operation & Graphics
Stsge Manager
  (credited as Philip Ager)
Stsge Manager


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