Pyjama Tops

National tour starring Bob Grant, who had originated the same role in the West End production (qv), playing it there for nearly two years.

“An interesting aside regarding PJ’s tour is that of all the tour dates so far confirmed there is only one dissenting town as far as nude bathing is concerned, Coventry – home of Lady Godiva!” – ‘Chit Chat’, The Stage 11th March 1976 (page 12)

Cast & Crew


Barbara Lovell
Claudine Armour
Felicity Ann (swimmer)
George Charles
Hope (swimmer)
Inspector Pyke
Leonard Jolly
Priscilla (swimmer)
  (credited as Fiona Douglas Stewart)
Yvonne Charles
Barbara Lovell (replacement)
  (started 21st June 1976)
Inspector Pyke (replacement)
  (started 21st June 1976)


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Play description

Based on the French farce MOUMOU by Jean De Letraz. See also THE BED.

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