Barefoot in the Park

UK premiere.

Joan Van Ark arrived in England on Tuesday 30th November 1965 in order to substitute for Marlo Thomas, who had torn a ligament in her foot. (‘Barefoot girl in plaster’, Daily Mirror 30th November 1965, page 1 / ‘Barefoot girl no 2’, Daily Mirror 1st December 1965, page 1.) The Stage noted the substitution on 2nd December 1965 (‘Torn ligament’, page 13), finally listing Thomas in the cast again on 6th January 1966. Van Ark went on to play the same role in the ongoing Broadway production, from May 1966 to May 1967.

Cast & Crew


Corrie Bratter
delivery man
Mrs Banks
Paul Bratter
telephone man
Victor Velasco
Corrie Bratter (temporary replacement)
  (December 1965)
delivery man (replacement)
  (started March 1966)
Mrs Banks (replacement)
  (started March 1966)
Corrie Bratter (replacement)
  (started May 1966)
Paul Bratter (replacement)
  (started May 1966)
Victor Velasco (replacement)
  (started May 1966)


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Technical Supervision
Wardrobe Mistress
Wardrobe Supervision
Assistant Stage Manager
Company and Stage Manager
Company and Stage Manager (replacement)
Deputy Stage Manager
Ladies’ hair styled by
Miss Sterndale Bennett’s make-up by
Miss Thomas’ costumes executed by
Mr Massey’s shirts by
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