The Secretary Bird

Cast & Crew


Hugh Walford
John Brownlow
Liz Walford
Molly Forsythe
Mrs Gray
Mrs Gray (replacement)
  (started 1969)
Hugh Walford (temporary replacement)
  (2nd – 14th June 1969)
Hugh Walford (replacement)
  (started 15th September 1969)
Molly Forsythe (temporary replacement)
  (4th – 5th December 1969)
Molly Forsythe (replacement)
  (started 15th December 1969)
Liz Walford (temporary replacement)
  (23rd – 28th February 1970)
Hugh Walford (replacement)
  (started 28th September 1970)
Molly Forsythe (replacement)
  (started 28th September 1970)
Liz Walford (replacement)
  (started 30th November 1970)
John Brownlow (replacement)
  (started 1971)


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