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The show opens in New York, 1928. Mame is throwing one of her famous cocktail parties, when Mame’s orphaned nephew Patrick, with his nanny, Agnes Gooch in tow. Mame adopts Patrick and from then on begins his amazing education with Auntie Mame as headteacher. Things go wrong when Mr Babcock of the Knickerbocker Bank, doesn’t approve of Mame’s unorthodox methods. She loses all her money on the Wall Street crash. If Patrick is to stay with her, she must earn enough to keep them both. Beauregard Burnside, a wealthly Southner, comes into her life and everything changes. They marry and go on an extended honeymoon, while Patrick goes to college. Again disaster strikes. Beau is killed in a climbing accident and Mame, now a rich lady again, returns to her friends in New York to try to pick up the pieces of her life, which she bravely and hilariously, as you will see as our show unfolds. A musical comedy you won’t forget. The show is packed with Jerry Herman songs that are in perfect accord with the whole positive attitude of the story, and includes what is probably the most memorable title song ever written.


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