Poor Horace

World Premiere

Cast & Crew


Annabel Dickin
Evie Marshall
Mr Noakes
Mrs Dickin
The Cadets – Drew
The Cadets – Etherington-Smythe
The Cadets – Harris
The Cadets – Lipscomb
The Cadets – Mason
The Cadets – Pearson
The Chaplain
The Officers – Captain Dickin, M.V.O., D.S.C., R.N. R.N.
The Officers – Lieutenant Rose, R.N.
The Officers – Warrant Officer Ormsby D.S.M., R.N.
The Other Cadets
The Other Cadets
The Other Cadets
The Other Cadets
The Other Cadets
The P.M.O.
The Petty Officers – C.P.O. Arnold
The Petty Officers – Regan
Various Masters & Instructors




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