It’s a Two-Foot-Six-Inches Above-the-Ground World

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A brilliant play about Catholics and the Pill. Very edgy in its day, but excellently portraying the angst surrounding a major social issue of the era. Filmed in 1972 as IT’S A 2’-6" ABOVE THE GROUND WORLD (aka THE LOVE BAN).

Cast & Crew


Bert Baker
Declan Goonahan
Declan Goonahan (alt)
Esther Goonahan
Father Yeo
Jacqueline Goonahan
Mick Goonahan
PC Beamish
Sean Goonahan
Sean Goonahan (alt)


Company Stage Manager
Presented by (West End)
Presented by (West End)
Presented by arrangement with (Bristol)
Press Representative
Production Manager
Wardrobe Mistress

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