The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Cast & Crew


Kato, the agronomist; Grusha; The Archduke
Old peasant man; Simon Chachava; Peasant woman’s husband; Ludovica’s father-in-law
Old peasant man; The Governor; Giorgi Abashvili; Thickhead; Brother Anastasius; Farmer; Illo Shubaladze, a lawayer
Old peasant woman; Natella Abashvili, Governor’s wife; Peasant woman who wants to keep Michael
Peasant wife; Masha; Older lady
Peasant; The Rider; Andrei the merchant; Stable lad accused of rape
The Expert; The Mighty Prince Kazbeki; Innkeeper; Lavrenti; Farmer; Sandro Oboladze, the lawyer
The Singer – Arkadi Tscheidze
The young tractor girl; Nanny; Younger lady; Aniko; Ludovica; Old Woman who wants a divorce
Wounded soldier; Doctor; The Corporal; Shauva
Wounded soldier; Shalva the adjutant; Old peasant with milk; Jussup, husband of Grusha; Farmer; Old man who wants a divorce
Young peasant woman; Cook; Merchant woman; Mother-in-law; Mother Georgia
Young worker; Architect; Groom; Merchant; Bizergan Kazbeki
Yura, assistant to Arkadi; A doctor; Azdak


Assistant Director
Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Associate Costume Designer
Design Assistant
Director’s Collaborator
Lighting Designer
Movement Preparation
Music Director
Staff Director

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  1. On 3rd October 2022 at 9:03 a.m., Ian_Harris noted:

  2. On 3rd October 2022 at 9:04 a.m., Ian_Harris noted:

    This was a production of the Frank McGuinness translation and was performed in the round while the Olivier was being refurbished.

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