The Killing of Sister George

The West End run achieved 618 performances.

Prior to the West End run, Selma Vaz Dias “left the cast at her own request.” (The Stage 20th May 1965, page 14.)

In the last two weeks of June 1966, Margaret Courtenay briefly switched from playing Mme Xenia to June Buckridge, with Lally Bowers remaining as Mercy Croft and Kate Coleridge and Julia McCarthy filling the play’s other two roles. The official cast change – bringing in Hermione Baddeley, Andrée Melly and Ambrosine Phillpotts, with Margaret Courtenay returning to Mme Xenia – then took effect on 4th July. (See ‘A break for Kate Coleridge’, Kensington Post 10th June 1966, page 5.)

Cast & Crew


Alice ‘Childie’ McNaught
June Buckridge
Mercy Croft
Mme Xenia
Mme Xenia (replacement)
  (started May 1965)
Alice ‘Childie’ McNaught (temporary replacement)
  (20th June – 2nd July 1966)
June Buckridge (temporary replacement)
  (20th June – 2nd July 1966)
Mme Xenia (temporary replacement)
  (20th June – 2nd July 1966)
Alice ‘Childie’ McNaught (replacement)
  (started 4th July 1966)
June Buckridge (replacement)
  (started 4th July 1966)
Mercy Croft (replacement)
  (started 4th July 1966)


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