Step Into the Limelight

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

Musical based on the Crummles family from NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, set at Portsmouth’s Theatre Royal in November 1838.

Cast & Crew


A Distinguished Stranger [ie, Charles Dickens]
Augustus Lenville / Mr Law
Betty Lawrenchini [ie, pianist]
Horatio Folair
Leontes Crummles
Mr Digby
Mr Johnson
Natalia Snevellicci
Ninetta Crummles
Percy Crummles
Vincent Crummles
Volumnia Crummles


Book and lyrics
Scenery designed and painted by
  (credited as Jennifer Bolt)
Stage Director
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Scenery built by


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  1. On 22nd February 2019 at 4:54 p.m., renowden noted:

    I have been going through the archives of BHBS (Hospital Radio for Bristol for whom I am the engineer) and digitising them for posterity. I believe that I have an audio recording of this play if anyone is interested. There is an introduction and slight commentary by two of our presenters at the time. The recording is not brilliant quality as it has probably been copied a few times to preserve it but it is acceptable as a record of the event.

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