A Man For All Seasons

Cast & Crew


Richard Rich
Sir Thomas Moore
The common man
The Duke of Norfolk
Thomas Cromwell


Set Designer


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  1. On 23rd September 2020 at 7:47 p.m., Davison77 noted:

    Torbay Express, 1 November 1965
    A NEAR -CAPACITY audience at Torquay Pavilion on Saturday night saw the Torbay Theatre Company launch the town’s new venture in repertory. As was expected, this group, formed in the past few months by Miss Joan Knight, the artistic director, gave a wonderful interpretation of Robert Bolt’s “ A Man tor All Seasons.” Overall, this first-night performance had the poise and confidence of a production which has been running for weeks. The temptation to use superlatives is strong; here Torbay, and a much wider area, for this is a project to be shared far afield, has a theatrical gemstone which scintillates in each of its many facets.

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