Five Finger Exercise

Cast & Crew


Clive Harrington
Clive Harrington (Wood Company)
Louise Harrington
Louise Harrington – Replacement
Louise Harrington (Wood Company)
Pamela Harrington
Pamela Harrington (Wood Company)
Stanley Harrington
Stanley Harrington (Wood Company)
Walter Langer
Walter Langer (Wood Company)


Director – Takeover Cast
Stage Management
Stage Management
Stage Management

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  1. On 1st June 2018 at 5:02 p.m., jongodden noted:

    The pictures of John Turner, discovered in 2017 in a suitcase and published in the BBC article by Phil Coomes at, include one of a lady collecting for the PDSA. Behind her is a poster for this Comedy Theatre production of Five Finger Exercise, and the caption reads ‘A woman collecting for the PDSA charity, Regent Street, London, 1955’. However, given the details on this site, it is more likely 1958.

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