Dry Rot

Wynne Clark and Charles Cameron were retained from the original production of this play at Windsor (qv).

The ‘radio commentator’ credit was dropped after the three initial tour dates.

The West End run totalled 1,475 performances.

The touring version of this production – featuring John Slater, Ray Cooney, Tony Hilton and Andrew Sachs – opened at the Theatre Royal, Brighton on 27th August 1956. The previous week (20th to 25th August), the touring company played at the Whitehall while the West End cast took a holiday. (‘Chit Chat: Raymond Cooney’, The Stage 16th August 1958, page 8.)

The final round of cast changes, in February 1958, were in preparation for a second tour (qv), which began at Streatham Hill Theatre on 17th March 1958.

Cast & Crew


Albert Polignac
Alfred Tubbe
Colonel Wagstaff
Flash Harry
Fred Phipps
John Danby
Mrs Wagstaff
Sergeant Fire
Susan Wagstaff
Radio Commentator
  (9th – 28th August 1954)
Mrs Wagstaff (temporary replacement)
  (started 13th June 1955)
Fred Phipps (temporary replacement)
  (11th – 16th July 1955)
Albert Polignac (temporary replacement)
  (21st – 26th November 1955)
Alfred Tubbe (replacement)
  (started 25th June 1956)
John Danby (replacement)
  (started November 1956)
Fred Phipps (temporary replacement)
  (May – June 1957)
Flash Harry (temporary replacement)
  (24th June – 6th July 1957)
Albert Polignac (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)
Alfred Tubbe (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)
Beth (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)
Colonel Wagstaff (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)
Flash Harry (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)
Fred Phipps (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)
John Danby (replacement)
  (started 10th February 1958)


Musical theme ‘Dry Rot’ by
Musical theme ‘Dry Rot’ by
Press Representative
Stage Director
Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Business Manager
General Manager
Scenery built by
Scenery painted by
Wardrobe Mistress


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