Romanoff and Juliet

Frederick Valk died on Sunday 22nd July 1956. His role was initially taken over by David Hurst, until the selection of Eric Porter as an official replacement.

Hurst subsequently took over from Peter Ustinov when the latter slipped a disc. (Hurst’s first night in the role coincided with Queen Elizabeth’s visit to see the show.) As a result, the BBC digest of the play, broadcast in THEATRE NIGHT on 28th January 1957, starred Hurst rather than Ustinov.

Josephine Barrington, having been replaced at the beginning of the West End run by Jacqueline Lacey, subsequently returned to her role, replacing Lacey.

Cast & Crew


1st Soldier
2nd Soldier
Beulah Moulsworth
Evdokia Romanoff
Freddie Vanderstrutt
Hooper Moulsworth
Igor Romanoff
Junior Captain Marfa Zlotochienki
The Archbishop
The General
The Spy
Vadim Romanoff
Beulah Moulsworth (replacement)
  (started 17th May 1956)
Hooper Moulsworth (replacement)
  (started 17th May 1956)
Vadim Romanoff (temporary replacement)
  (23rd July – 11th August 1956)
Vadim Romanoff (replacement)
  (started 13th August 1956)
The Spy (replacement)
  (December 1956 – January 1957)
The General (replacement)
  (started 19th December 1956)
The Spy (replacement)
  (started February 1957)
Juliet (replacement)
  (started 4th February 1957)


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