The Butter And Egg Man

Past productions

A play by

This early play by George S Kaufman concerns a young man from the sticks eager to invest some money in a Broadway show so that he can use the profit to buy a hotel back home. He is conned out of the money by the play’s producers but in the end turns the tables on them.

It has been filmed at least six times:-
1928 – The Butter and Egg Man (silent)
1932 – The Tenderfoot
1935 – Hello, Sweetheart (British version starring Claude Hulbert)
1937 – Dance Charlie Dance
1940 – An Angel From Texas
1953 – Three Sailors and a Girl (musical version)

In 1952 it was turned into a novel by P G Wodehouse as “Barmy in Wonderland” or “Angel Cake” in the USA.

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