Titus Andronicus

This specific production does not yet have a description, but the play itself does:

This is ‘the study of a man who fights, for a Rome he does not understand, against a barbaric tribe he does not think worth understanding. When he allows this Rome to form an alliance with these barbarians, they take revenge on him too terrible to contemplate and yet curiously just. Titus is the victim of his own strict code and his own grandeur. In this respect, he is a universal figure and the play is a tract for our times.
No history book contains the general, the emperor, the blackamoor and the barbaric empress who dominate the play.’ (Written by R.E)

‘This play was a smash hit in its day, one of Shakespeare’s earliest successes, dating back to 1593.’

(Both the above extracts are from a 1963 original Birmingham Repertory Theatre Programme of this play.)

Cast & Crew


A Messenger
Aaron, a wicked Moor
Alarbus, Tamora’s son
Bassianus, brother of Saturninus
Chiron, Tamora’s’ son
Demetrius, Tamora’s son
Emilius, Tribune of the People
Gothic Captain
Lavinia, Titus’ daughter
Lucius, Titus’ son
Marcus Andronicus, Titus’ brother, Tribune of the People
Martius, Titus’ son
Mutius, Titus’ son
Publius, Titus’ servant
Quintus, Titus’ son
Roman, Goth
Roman, Goth
Roman, Goth
Roman, Goth
Roman, Goth
Roman, Goth
Roman, Goth
Saturninus, elder son of late Emperor of Rome
Sempronius, a Senator
Tamora, Queen of the Goths
Titus Andronicus, a Roman General
Young Lucius, son of Lucius
  (credited as Peter Cook)


Designer – Costumes
Designer – Sets


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