Distant Point

After the performance on 5th November, Edmund Willard addressed the audience, telling them that Afinogenev had died. (‘Chit Chat: Death of Russian dramatist’, The Stage 13th November 1941, page 6.)

Cast & Crew


Alexei Efimovich Koriushko (Stationmaster)
Alexei Efimovich Koriushko (Stationmaster) (replacement)
Gennadi (Telegraph Operator)
Glasha (Wife of Laventri)
Ivan Makarovich Makarov (Switchman)
Laventri Petrovich (Linesman)
Lieut-Gen. Matvei Ilyich Malko (Army Corps Commander in the Far Eastern Soviet Army)
Liubov Seminova (Wife of Koriushko)
Sulin (A.D.C. to Matvei)
Vera Nikolaevna (Wife of Matvei)
Vlas Fillipovich (Linesman)
Zhenia (Daughter of Koriushko)


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