Time Remembered

Patricia Moyes’ English version of Jean Anouilh’s LEOCADIA.

Cast & Crew


1st footman / 2nd gipsy
1st gipsy / 2nd footman
3rd gipsy
A waiter
An Ice Cream Man / The Landlord
Ferdinand, a head waiter
Lord Hector
Prince Albert Troubiscoi
The Cloakroom Attendant
The Duchess of Pont-au-Bronc
The Taxi Driver / A ghilly
Theophilus, a butler


Incidental Music by
Settings and costumes by
Translated by
Chief Costume Supervisor
Company Manager
Hats by
Master Carpenter
Miss Mary Ure’s hair dressed by
Press Representative
Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Wardrobe Mistress
Wigs by


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Play description

Patricia Moyes’ version of Anouilh’s LEOCADIA.


  1. On 25th September 2022 at 1:31 p.m., Crozati noted:

    I have an original programme of this production, with Paul Scofield’s autograph, obtained by my mother after she watched the play in Brighton. She was a real fan of Paul Scofield, as was my aunt.
    Happy to post it to any avid collector of such items.
    I love the phrase “Smoking is permitted in the Auditorium BUT NO PIPES or CIGARS-PLEASE” !!

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