This play was presented in the West End in the mid 1950s at the now demolished St James’s Theatre. It subsequently transferred to the Strand (now the Novello) Theatre, where I saw it, starring Phyllis Calvert, Nigel Patrick and, although he was close to 30 at the time, playing a schoolboy, Alec McCowen, whose obituary today has led me circuitously to this site.


The role of Paton was temporarily taken over by Jeremy Spenser while Lance Secretan took a three-week holiday. (The Stage 16th April 1953, page 8.) Later in the run, Secretan was occasionally replaced by Christopher Cresswell.

Act II of the play was televised (from the Strand Theatre) on 27th July 1953. Noelle Middleton explained to viewers what had happened in Act I. (The Stage 16th July 1953, page 12.)

Cast & Crew


Andrew Deeson
Andrew’s stenographer
Dr Skillingworth
John Hampden
Miss Betts
Mrs Hampden
Peter Henderson
Sir Harold Cookham
Stella Hampden
William Saxon / a press photographer
Paton (temporary replacement)
  (16th April – May 1953)
Andrew’s stenographer (replacement)
  (started 6th July 1953)
Stella Hampden (replacement)
  (started 6th July 1953)
Paton (temporary replacement)
  (started August 1953)
Andrew Deeson (replacement)
  (started October 1953)


Press Representative
Stage Director
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Chief Wardrobe Mistress
General Manager
Miss Calvert and Miss Marmont’s dresses by
Scenery built by
Scenery painted by


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