Murder at the Vicarage

At Croydon, every seat was sold for every performance, breaking the theatre’s all-time record. (‘Chit Chat’, The Stage 19th September 1974, page 12.)

Cast & Crew


Anne Protheroe
Dennis (the Vicar’s nephew)
Dr John Haydock
Griselda Clement (the Vicar’s wife)
Inspector Slack
Lawrence Redding
Lettice Protheroe
Mary (the maid)
Miss Marple
Mrs Price Ridley
Ronald Hawes (the Curate)
The Reverend Leonard Clement
Anne Protheroe (Replacement)
  (started 15th October 1974)
Dr John Haydock (Replacement)
  (started 15th October 1974)
Lawrence Redding (Replacement)
  (started 15th October 1974)
Mary (the maid) (Replacement)
  (started 15th October 1974)
Miss Marple (Replacement)
  (started 15th October 1974)
Mrs Price Ridley (Replacement)
  (started 15th October 1974)


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Assistant Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting / Company Stage Manager
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Play description

Adapted from the novel by Agatha Christie


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