Acacia Avenue

Father, mother and daughter Eliot Makeham, Betty Shale and Joy Makeham had previously toured this play from September to December 1944 (qv).

After its UK dates, this production went on an ENSA-sponsored tour of Germany and Belgium.

Cast & Crew


Charles Robinson
Clara Robinson (Charles’ wife)
Estelle Parker
Joan Robinson (Charles’ daughter)
Michael Carraway (Joan’s fiance)
Mr Wilson (Neighbour)
Mrs Wilson (Neighbour)
Peter Robinson (Charles’ son)
Shirley (the Robinson’s maid)
Michael Carraway (Joan’s fiance) (replacement)
  (started 12th March 1945)


Director / Producer
Stage Director


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Play description

A film version of this play titled “ 29, Acacia Avenue” – was made at Riverside Studios in September-October 1944 and released in May 1945. It was released in the USA in 1949 as “The Facts of Love”.


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