The Corn is Green

Cast & Crew


Bessie Watty
John Goronwy Jones
Miss Moffatt
Miss Ronberry
Morgan Evans
Mrs Watty
The Squire



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  1. On 6th September 2023 at 5:38 p.m., Runninonempty noted:

    My sister Michele Hart (Milliken) played a school girl in this production, she was 12yrs old and had a talking part which was a big deal especially as it was her first ever performance. There was a drama club nearby in Grosvenor rd that we went to called “The Theatre Yard” & someone from the production team came looking for a girl to play the part. I was 8 yrs old when we went to see it, sitting just 7 rows from the front. All very exciting, even though we were young, the actors were all pretty much well known , so it was amazing to see them live and up so close. The performance was powerful and the acting supberb and drew us all in from start to finsish, where it was given a standing ovation.

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