Dangerous Corner

Touring version of the 1994 Chichester production, with three cast changes, followed by a fourth towards the end of the West End run.

Cast & Crew


Betty Whitehouse
Charles Stanton
Freda Caplan
Gordon Whitehouse
Miss Mockridge
Olwen Peel
Robert Caplan
U/S Betty Whitehouse
U/S Charles Stanton, Robert Caplan
U/S Freda Caplan, Olwen Peel, Miss Mockridge
U/S Gordon Whitehouse
Freda Caplan
  (started 24th April 1995)


Dances supervised by
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Company & Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Wardrobe Mistress
Wigs Mistress

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