A Cup of Kindness

A CUP OF KINDNESS by Ben Travers
Pitlochry Festival Theatre
April – September 1978

Cast & Crew


Betty Ramsbotham
Charlie Tutt
Ernest Ramsbotham
Fred Tutt
Jim Finch
Mr Chivers
Mr Niblett
Mrs Ramsbotham
Mrs Tutt
Nicholas Ramsbotham
Stanley Tutt
Tilly Winn


Lighting Designer


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  1. On 31st March 2021 at 3:57 p.m., malcolmmckee noted:

    ‘Cup’, as we called it, was one of the lesser-known Aldwych Farces; and one night, late in the run, we were told by the FOH manager that Ben Travers was actually in the audience. Despite being 92, he had travelled all the way from London Pitlochry on the train to see his rarely-revived 1928 farce. Backstage, we were in a state of high excitement at the thought of meeting the great man. However our hopes were dashed. At the end of the performance, Travers left the auditorium and made straight for the main exit, pausing only to say to the FOH Manager ‘Not one of my best!’

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